Ben Thompson
MD & Founder

Ben is the go-to R&D Tax boss. He is a cashflow catalyst for innovative business; helping extend their funding runway through practical interpretation of government mumbo-jumbo into the words of the street. He calls himself a scientist as it is his passion and first origins. After years of helping couples in IVF, he followed the opportunity to build knowledge of young academics by helping them access real-life practical nuclear solutions. Ben has personal experience of the ups and downs of start-up land from birth to exit. He has worked in other R&D Tax consultancy firms. Putting his clients first, he started TechLever in 2014 with the ethos, "We put passion before profit, so you profit from our passion". Ben is a passionate gamer, racing car driver and registered tax agent. This triumvirate of interests feeds into his specialty in assisting software and game developers and advanced manufacturers and motorsport clients leveraging both personal experience and professional know-how. 315 915
Mike Kennedy
R&D Consultant

Mike is TechLever's primary software specialist. Prior to joining the team as an R&D consultant in January 2017, he was a seasoned PM and developer working in London and Sydney. He's built apps for iOS, Android (and ...errr Windows Phone). Streaming apps for XBox, PlayStation, Smart TVs and websites which continue to pull in 1M views a month in traffic. A computer scientist first and foremost, with a degree in Computer Science and Psychology. He has a love of music from leftfield disco to hardcore soul and an easy going nature despite being schooled in the art of Capoeira street fighting. Mike has a passion for innovation and technology across a wide range of fields and interests. 251 808
Athena Thompson
Business consultant

Athena helps TechLever's clients access government grant funding and services. There is nothing better than solving a business problem for Athena, she will not rest until the client has the best way forward. Having run a business for over 5 years, she understands first hand the roller coaster of being an owner. Athena takes the time to help technology-based companies by first understanding their strategy, its intellectual property and market fit, then deciding if it's worthwhile putting in an application. Athena was a finalist in the 2013 Telstra Victorian Young Business Women’s Award and is a Registered Technology Transfer Professional, the international professional standard for knowledge transfer and commercialisation practitioners working in universities, industry and government labs.